Printing & Publishing

pressWhile one of the oldest technologies still in use today, the printing press is also one of the most innovative pieces of equipment found in industry. Rapid advancements developed in just the last few decades, such as in automation and new systems and processes like digital imaging, are carrying the field of printing forward at an incredible rate.

The best printing presses are designed and built in Germany by the industry leaders such as Heidelberg, MAN-Roland and KBA. These innovators continue to put press after press on ships headed across the “pond,” but the language conversion does not always follow at the same rate.

Accuracy is always one of the most important aspects of translation and in the complex and highly technical fields of printing and publishing, it becomes even more indispensable. Hands-on, practical experience with printing equipment and processes are essential to a translator attempting to work in this field. Inside knowledge of the industry allows access to resources and information not available to others. On-Time Translations has the experience and connections to create the best translations in the printing industry.

It’s as simple as this: you wouldn’t allow a television repair man to work on your prized sports car; you’d call an auto mechanic. When it comes to the translations vital to your business, you need to go with a specialist in the field.

On-Time Translations is your specialist for printing and publishing.

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